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SK Care Co., Ltd is located in Quan Zhou center city, Fujian, China. 20mins from Airport, 30mins from HighSpeed Train station, SK Care is a professional OEM Supplier for 3ply Disposable Face mask, KN95 Face mask, Protective clothing, Goggles,Body thermometer, baby diaper, adult diaper, sanitary napkin, adult incontinent pads.In here with us, you can get A-Z professional service from R&D, Private Label Design, Production, to After Sales Service.We have the newest technology Our goal is to help clients have their own brands for disposable sanitary products effectively and comfortably.Our clients' success in their markets are our success!There are three main advantages that you work with us:1- Professional constant.Being in disposable sanitary products industry for over 6 years, our team has served for world top companies and brands on OEM diapers, napkins, incontinent pads and etc.Our experience could help you to avoid many mistakes if you just start at your business, or to help you more competitive to be a market leader if you are already in the market.2- Quick-response service.We are good at mobile office like: On line for What's APP for more than 12 hours, response email quickly by i-phone even when we are out, answer the international calls anytime asWe can speak very fluent English.We have good relationships with raw material suppliers, bag factories and etc. Any questions regarding OEM your own private diapers could get an answer quickly with us.Our team is full of well educated people, with positive attitude, hard working. We aim to offer you the best service you can possibly get from China and this industry!3-Competitive Price.Our price is not the lowest but quiet reasonable. Basing on our quality control system and service, we believe it is very competitive and could bring you success on business.4- A good quality control system.Our quality control system has mainly Five parts:A- Raw material test: all defected raw materials are withdrawal.B- Pre-production confirm: all materials have to be double confirmed before production.C- Online checking: every half hour, the products are tested to standard.D- Shift Test: Every shift, there are random samples to check in lab.E- After production test: after production, a test has been conducted to confirm again.We guarantee for a good and stable quality products to you!5- A reliable partnership for a long term.We are a team looking for a sincere and honest relationship with clients, with our employees, with our suppliers.Working with us, you could gain a long-term partner and friend. SK Care Co., Ltd has another project is to be a famous premium brands for baby diapers, sanitary, and adult diapers in China.Starting in 2017, BB Kitty Baby diapers under the company SK Care Co., Ltd has been successfully launched.It is well received by many Chinese Moms for its softness and Ultra Thin.1- The soft and dry top sheet.Two layer: air-through laminated with spun-bond bring the top-sheet no only softness but also dryness.2- The 3D Ultra Thin Absorbency Core.As thin as 3 mm extremely thin diapers. Sand-glass shapes creative core stands for the latest innovation in China.3- Double Leakage guards.Double soft leakage guards: no afraid of any liquid. As high as 43 mm, it is effectively block babies' urine.4- Soft and breathable back-sheet.As much as 26000 small breathing holes in the back-sheet. It is more comfortable for babies' bottom.5- Imported Japanese SAP.Quick and long term dryness keep the red rash away from babies.Welcome to call us for more information:)Hope the world become beautiful with us!
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Tipo de comercio
Proveedor multi-especialidad
País / Región
Fujian, China
Productos principalesEmpleados totales
11 - 50 People
Ingresos anuales totales
US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
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Nombre de la fábrica
Megasoft China CO., Ltd
Contrato de cooperación
Años de cooperación
6 Years
El valor de producción anual
Below $100 Thousand
Capacidad de producción
(Nombre del producto)baby diaper; (Volumen de producción anual) 10000000 Bag/Bags
(Nombre del producto)Adult diaper; (Volumen de producción anual) 10000000 Bag/Bags
(Nombre del producto)Sanitary napkin; (Volumen de producción anual) 10000000 Bag/Bags

El equipo de producción

Automatic Production Line

Información de fábrica

Tamaño de la fábrica
Below 1,000 square meters
Ubicación de la fábrica
Room 515-2, Building 13, Donghai Taihe Plaza, 1466 Daxing Street, Fengze District, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China

La capacidad de producción anual

Nombre del producto
Línea de producción de la capacidad
Real unidades producidas (año anterior)
Baby Diaper
10,000,000 Pcs
Sanitary Napkin
10,000,000 Pcs

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Equipo de prueba

Nombre de la máquina
Marca y modelo NO
Water Bath Thermostatic Oscillator
Electronic Balance
Thermostatic Water Tank
Automatic Bursting Strength Tester
Tension Machine
Adhesive Tape Tester